CBD for Pets

Pets + CBD = Chill

We all know that CBD works wonders for us humans, but what about for pets? We get this question a lot: “Can I give CBD to my pets for anxiety?” It’s a great question and we absolutely believe that CBD can help our four-legged friends with anxiety and even pain. Below is our story of how we use CBD with our own dog and a simple dosing guide for you to follow.

Our shop dog is an aussie/border collie mix. She’s has a seemingly endless supply of energy and playful personality but she is also easily overcome with anxiety anytime there is a beeping noise or knock on the door and can be a little reactive on her leash if she’s not sure about the unfamiliar dog approaching her. If any of this sounds familiar to you, CBD could be a great option for your pet. 

Since we started micro-dosing our dog with CBD we’ve seen a huge reduction in her anxiety. She barks less during the day at harmless noises and her overall mood is less concerned and more happy. She’s less reactive on leash and is even more responsive to training. Firsthand we’ve seen that CBD has the ability to calm her mind without interfering with her friendly and playful personality.

When it comes to dosing animals, we recommend starting with 1mg CBD for every 10lbs twice a day. You can drop the dose in their food, on a treat, or even straight into their mouth if their willing. Now, this is a mild dose for your dog or cat, and you can slowly increase to 2mg per 10lbs if needed. Our dog is most definitely a 2mg per 10lbs kinda girl and she licks her dose directly from the dropper.

When it comes to choosing a CBD product for your pet, you don’t need to buy anything specifically “for dogs” or “for cats”. Products branded for pets usually just contain fewer milligrams of CBD along with flavoring (peanut butter, cheese, etc), but your best bud can use the same tincture that you do as long as you pay close attention to potency. Dazey’s Mild is a perfect example of a bottle for both pets and their owners. Since the Mild contains 350mg of CBD, you can easily dose 1mg of CBD with 2-3 drops. Also, the coconut oil in Dazey’s CBD is super tasty to pets. 
We hope that was helpful for those looking for CBD for their pets. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to hit us up on IG (@dazeycbd) or send us an email at hello@shopdazey.com.

And be sure to tag us in your #DazeyDog photos and tell us how you’re using CBD with your pets! We want to see all the good doggos (and kitters) out there.