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About Us
Two girls in San Francisco
We don’t take ourselves too seriously.
Even though we maintain a high bar for quality, we believe wellness should be fun! We founded Dazey to bring color and playfulness into an industry historically represented by green leaves or medical symbols. After all, we believe your wellness products should be approachable AND worth bragging about.

We keep it real.
We value transparency and use only quality ingredients. Our USDA certified organic hemp is grown, harvested, extracted, and bottled on-site (no middle men). We test every batch of oil for potency and purity and we never test our products on animals.

We’re BFFs.
Dazey was founded by four friends that met at a PNW music festival in 2016. Tori, Chris, Emily, and Scott are based in Seattle, but our design and branding is inspired by all the colors of the West Coast.

Mission Statement

We live for the daily rituals that rejuvenate us and we celebrate hemp not just for being revolutionary in the wellness space, but for its ability to integrate seamlessly into our lives. Our mission is to normalize hemp in the workplace and everyday life.

🙂 hemp comes from Oregon