Dazey is a Seattle-based natural beauty & remedy brand that believes in the power of hemp. We live for the daily rituals that rejuvenate us, even if it's just for a few minutes among the many that fill our days, and celebrate CBD not just for being revolutionary in the wellness space, but for its ability to integrate seamlessly into our lives.

Not only does hemp tend to ailments and pain, but it promotes overall balance and well-being so we can live better and without the environment stress we’ve become too accustomed to. Our hope is to normalize CBD in the workplace and everyday life.

Founded by four friends in the Pacific Northwest, Dazey is inspired by the lifestyle and colors of the West Coast. The heart of our brand follows the sun to bring playfulness into an industry that has historically been represented by stock images of cannabis leaves, medical symbols or apothecary designs. We want Dazey to be approachable and something worth displaying next to your favorite Herbivore or Glossier products or on the shelves of your favorite retailers.

Our full-spectrum oils are organically grown and CO2 extracted on a small farm in Oregon and third-party tested for purity and potency. We use no additives, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives - just hemp and coconut oil. With three available potencies (350, 700 & 1000mg), we’re here to help you tackle everything from the dishes to the DMV and hope we can bring Dazey into your life, your rituals, and your overall being. After all, that’s the secret to #NOBADDAZE